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Aap Biti

Movie Name: Aap Biti

Release Date: 0000-00-00

Movie Category: Old Hindi Movie

Song Title : Mushqil Se Thodi Si Baat Hoti Hai
Movie/Album Name: AAP BEETEE

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Lyrics: Mushqil se thodi baat
Song: Mushqil se thodi baat
mushqil se thodi si baat hoti hai
rah jaati hai baat itani chhoti si mulaaqaat hoti hai
do dinon ke bich kitani lambi-lambi kaali-kaali raat hoti hai
aaj mile ho phir kal miloge phir parason miloge
zara jaldi-jaldi mila karo na ji
haal-e-dil aaj suna hai phir kal sunoge phir parason sunoge
zara jaldi-jaldi suna karo na ji
tumane kahi hai baat ye hasin tere bina dil lagata nahin
tab to tumako mere paas rahana chaahiye kahate rahana chaahiye
ye tumane aaj kaha hai phir kal kahoge phir parason kahoge
zara jaldi-jaldi kaha karo na ji
kuchh soch ke dar jaati hoon sharm se mar jaati hoon
aankhon-aankhon mein aise ishaare karate ho
uf tum hansate ho sainya kitane achchhe lagate ho
aise tum aaj hanse ho phir kal hansoge phir parason hansoge
zara jaldi-jaldi hansa karo na ji
zara jaldi-jaldi hansa karo na ji
zara jaldi-jaldi
zara jaldi-jaldi
zara jaldi-jaldi mila karo na ji

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